Sexclub in Berlin

For anyone based in the city of Berlin, or even visiting for a day, it can be tough to work out how you want to spend your time. We get that feeling; it’s a big city and a huge place to try and see all of. However, if your main concern is making sure that you can have a good time in the city, have you ever thought about visiting one of the many sex clubs in Berlin?

At Desire Escorts, we can point you in the direction of some pretty amazing experiences with one of the various sex clubs in Berlin.

What are sex clubs in Berlin?

These are, as the name suggests, clubs aimed at those with a more promiscuous nature. They are exciting, engaging places to be: the kind of experience that should help you to really let loose and just have some fun. Berlin is a city of open-mindedness and people being able to just let loose and have some fun. With one of the many sex clubs in Berlin, you can see for yourself what this is all about.

Berlin is not a city where you have to worry about judgemental stares and the like. This is a city for adults and mature people who want to enjoy the freedom that life offers them. If you are looking for an easy way to tap into that kind of freedom, then you should make time to come to one of the many sex clubs in Berlin.

Should I visit a sex club?

If you are questioning the idea, then you absolutely must!

It’s something that everyone should experience if they are looking to just let loose a little bit. With the help of a sex club, you can find that you are going to be able to just open up a bit more. European life is a lot more open-minded when it comes to things like sexual liberation and exploration. Coming to Berlin, though, should open your eyes to just how open-minded some people in this city can be.

When you come here, you will get to enjoy spending time with some very interesting and engaging people. Should you hit it off, then the open and engaging nature of life in Berlin should ensure that you get to enjoy a deeply satisfying and engaging sexual experience. So, if you are thinking about it, you should come and try it out!

Enjoy safe, secure sex clubs in Berlin

In the past, the idea of going to a sex club often meant taking your safety into your own hands. In modern Berlin, though, that is not the case at all. You can come along to one of the many sex clubs in Berlin and find a truly amazing, safe, and sanitary experience waiting for you. Most sex clubs are fully regulated and cared for by people who want to make the whole experience feel safe and easy – especially for newcomers.

If you aren’t used to a culture where such sexual exploration is celebrated, then this can seem rather insane to you. However, in the sex clubs in Berlin you will find no judgement and no fear. It’s just about relaxing, having fun, and taking things a bit further to ensure you can have some exceptional good times. Where, though, should you go?

Kit Kat Club

Our first choice when it comes recommending the best sex clubs in Berlin is to go for the Kit Kat Club. This party event is a proper legend of the Berlin nightlife scene, with over two decades of fun having been had in this location. It’s a great place to come to and you can enjoy a much more simplistic experience than you can with many other parts of the Berlin party scene.

It’s the ideal place to come for kinks, fetishists, and people who are looking for a more captivating and engaging experience. It’s more like a normal dance club, though, so if you aren’t looking for the full swinger experience then this is a fine place to start with. It’s got a great range of events and you can find that it’s a bit more outgoing and outlandish than your average nightclub.


Our second choice for most people would be to take the time to come and visit Insomnia. As one of the leading hedonistic clubs in Berlin, it’s a brilliant place to go to. It’s got a lot of very engaging atmospheric evening going on, and it also has a rather spectacular range of events and evenings for every day of the week except a Monday.

They have everything from dance parties to a fully open policy about having sex on premises. It’s the kind of event where swinger parties take place regularly. You will just need to look into the theme of the evening that you wish to attend and make sure that you dress up accordingly.

If you get used to doing that, though, you can definitely make the most of an evening in Insomnia: one of the leading sex clubs in Berlin!

Club Culture Houze

Another fine recommendation for you would be to go to visit the Club Culture Houze. This is one of the best places to go when looking at sex clubs in Berlin. It’s a brilliantly engaging place, with an amazing range of people walking around in all manner of suggestive clothing.

Some nights are aimed at particular genders and lifestyles, while other nights are basically a free for all depending on what you are looking for. You will find that you can pick a whole range of different themes and events to come in here for. It’s all about making sure that you can come to the right kind of party. As with all sex clubs in Berlin, just make sure you check with their calendar to make sure you don’t turn up dressed for the wrong event!

In any case, these are some of the top sex clubs in Berlin. Where will you find yourself dancing and partying until the small hours in first?

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